We want to introduce a new feature in this website, as some of our costumers who are elaborating projects requested, we have included complete product datasheets for all the valves in the Extreme Series.

These datasheets includes all the information of the products, from the range of sizes and materials, to its hydraulic characteristics, also the explosion of parts and materials, regulations, advicing for installation and maintenance, certifications, etc. everything in the same document that will be exclusive for every kind of valve.

You can find the product datasheet you are looking for in two ways:

  • Introducing the product code in the Search frame of the website
  • Selecting the kind of product in our Configurator

In the landing page, furthermore than all the codes of the different product diameters, you could download the technical datasheet, brochure, certifications and installation manual.


We hope these datasheets will be useful and all the necessary information is included in them.

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