Cepex industrial meeting

One year ago, Cepex (the piping brand within Fluidra group), started to develop a new brand with new products specially conceived for the industrial piping market.

After a whole year of working and the achieving of different results, some weeks ago we made in La Garriga – Spain (Cepex factory) the first meeting with experts in the industrial piping sector, including staff from sales departments, technical departments, company managers, department responsible, marketing people, etc.
Coming from countries as Spain, China, France, Russia, Brazil or Germany, every one of them had a different vision of the market and the recent situation.

This meeting not only was to create a working team and to know better the different points of view about this initiative developing, but also to share different projects, suppliers, needs, etc. and a working plan was created to target the future efforts in the correct direction.

After very good results, we expect to repeat this meeting periodically and to make this experts team grow year by year.

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