• Aeronautical

    Need for non-corrosive materials, resistant to high and low temperatures, light and compact, safe and easy to install materials.
    In our products, we ensure maximum reliability, thanks to the design and quality systems at the factory, but also using the raw materials of the highest quality for any of the materials used.

  • Alimentation

    Transport systems for solid and liquid food.
    Utmost care and security to ensure optimal conditions for use in the sector.
    Using certified raw materials for human consumption.
    Each valve is individually controlled and checked with the utmost rigor.

  • Automotive

    Teams filtered air supply and fluid incorporated into production processes on assembly lines and painting.
    Our products meet the skills and qualities necessary to ensure the highest requirement that requires the automotive sector.
    Repeatability, durability and reliability.
    Warranty on each of our products and an individualized treatment thereof.

  • Chemical

    PROCESS: filling of tanks, dilution, resin exchangers, neutralization, chemical dosing, membrane technology, cooling, ion exchange.
    High quality products, manufactured with the most resistant and tested in the most demanding systems to ensure best performance and maximum safety materials.

  • Energy

    Secondary cooling processes, drainage, heating, recirculation or dosage. Usually water or other aggressive chemical process fluids for metal elements, but suitable for plastics like PVDF or PP-H.
    We offer manual and automatic valves in all sizes and materials to suit any process in different systems.
    Security options for maintenance and operation monitoring systems.
    Very stringent quality processes integrated into production processes and simulating real conditions.

  • Filtration

    Different types of filtration depending on the medium to be filtered and the substance to remove: mechanical filtration, chemical, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration …
    Specific products for input and output filters, flow control, purging, automation systems and out, cleaning systems, etc.
    Same products in various materials to suit the media contained in the solution.

  • Industry

    Any factory has the need for fluid conduction between its various systems and installations.
    Each case is different in specifications and/or characteristics.
    We adapt our product to customer needs, personalizing every effort to meet all the requirements of the system elements.
    We offer the maximum number of varieties in the same product to fit each type of installation, certifying the quality of each of the combinations.

  • Mining

    Needs: security, explosive environments, easy installation, quick and easy maneuverability, easy maintenance and replacement of parts, work in explosive environments and sometimes with a high degree of corrosion.
    Cepex product manufactured exclusively in plastic to prevent electrical conduction or explosion hazard; simple installation and without tools, durability and ease of implementation spare parts.
    Elements for fluid handling in different thermoplastic materials, always thinking about your final application and adapting to their use and degree of chemical and mechanical resistance.

  • Pharmacist

    Sector requiring maximum reliability in processes such as temperature controls with cold water and dosage, cleaning with purified water, water purification processes, scaling, etc.
    Sometimes automated processes involving the need to control and maneuver with PLC controlled actuated valves.
    They are necessary ultrapurity equipment and meet all the standards specified by the regulatory bodies of the sector.
    Very important to use a type of welding maximum reliability and hygiene.
    PVDF products, made with certified raw materials and processes optimum injection ensure optimal welding and thermal fusion guaranteed.
    Standardized and able to meet quality standards around the world team.

  • Renewables

    Secondary cooling processes, drainage, heating, recirculation. Usually process water or other non-aggressive liquids dissolving other substances.
    We offer manual and automatic valves in all sizes and materials to satisfy any need for different systems.
    Operating security options to keep the system secure at all times.
    Demanding quality systems to test the product in actual working conditions.

  • Water treatment

    Water treatment: Water, waste and industrial
    PROCESS: desalination, water treatment, water treatment and supply process, wastewater treatment, reuse (filtration, reverse osmosis).
    Products capable of withstanding high concentrations of chemicals, with a design that ensures minimum pressure loss and maximum safety in its operation, with options for process automation.