Preview of ACHEMA 2015

ACHEMA 2015 focuses on three themes:

  1. Industrial water management
  2. Innovative process analytical technology
  3. Production biobased

The extensive conference program offers information on new technological developments and trends. Developers and suppliers as well as users and transporters of plants will have the opportunity to discuss issues of coordination and exchange of ideas, both during the exhibition and events.

Many exhibitors offer machines and plants for integrated management and treatment of industrial raw, process and wastewater. Traditionally, industrial water technology plays an important role in ACHEMA as part of a resource efficient production.

In modern production methods of analysis are key to processing and automation function. A consistent product quality, low cost and safe and respectful processes with the environment are hardly imaginable without analysis. The scope comprises methods for observing process, simulation and modeling, knowledge of substance data and process data analysis and process control. Both ‘Analytical Techniques “and” Instrumentation, Control and Automation Technologies’ are groups solo exhibitions at ACHEMA, specialized forums and guest events also cover the issue analysis process.

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